Our Vision

Our universe is interconnected, a web of life. Humanity is part of this complex and intelligent web of nature, we live in the realm of nature.  Man and nature are one and what we do to nature, we do to ourselves. We inhale air, drink water, eat food and the essence of our evolution is intertwined with all life in the biosphere of the earth. Healthy and resilient biospheres are a prerequisite for a healthy and resilient humanity to evolve, ranging from the physical to the spiritual dimensions of life.

Our Mission

To create a shift in awareness about the interrelationship of man and nature and consequently the urge to care about the natural world we live in.
To inspire and connect a diversity of people and organizations that are active in protection and conservation of precious biospheres based on a unified man-nature vision.

Our strategy

By co-initiating and organizing thought provocative events, people involved in protection and conservation of nature from all different perspectives are inspired and connected at a deep level of understanding. These newly formed platforms go beyond current borders and will serve to co-create the emerging future of nature conservation.

The first event will center around a key species that is threatened to go extinct in the near future: the rhinoceros.



We are very pleased that these special people, who have studied and embraced nature for decades, welcome our plans and, where possible, support them.

Prof. Dr. Frans M. de Waal

“The intuitive connection children feel with animals can be a tremendous source of joy.”

Prof. Dr. Herbert H. T. Prins

“No Nature, No life”

Her Royal Highness Princess Irene of the Netherlands

“Our future depends on the rehabilitation of the deeper connection with nature"

Jaap Scholten

“Cherish what is...”

Prof. Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich

"One of the greatest needs of humanity is a massive international effort to stem the destruction of biodiversity. Preserving the populations and species that deliver to us critical ecosystem services will reduce the odds of a collapse of civilization. We all must cooperate to achieve that goal."

Dr. Fritjof Capra

““Conservation around the planet is an enterprise that transcends all our differences of race, culture, or class. The Earth is our common home, and creating a sustainable world for our children and for future generation is our common task.”

Patricio Ndadzela

“What is good for wildlife is also good for people. That natural resources if well managed can become economic assets for the social economic development of countries and their people ”


The Alliance for Precious Biospheres has the ANBI status (public benefit organisation) and registered as RSIN 8577.64.445.

The Dutch abbreviation ANBI means 'Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen' (Institution Aimed at the Common Good) and refers to charitable, religious, humanistic, cultural and scientific institutions whose mission and operations are deemed by the Tax Service overwhelmingly to serve the Common Good.

The Dutch government implements a fiscal policy that encourages the donation of funds to causes that advance the Common Good. Apart from granting tax advantages, ANBI status also favors Sponsors, Contributors and Patrons in countries that grant tax concessions to foreign registered charities, as well as those based in the Netherlands. Sponsors, Contributors and Patrons who have made a donation to our foundation may be able to deduct the amount from taxable income. For more information: https://anbi.nl/

Members of the board of the Alliance and the board of Recommendation will not receive financial compensation, remuneration for the work done for the Alliance Precious Biospheres. The organisation solely depends on volunteers.

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